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Seventh Generation Education: 2-Day Permaculture Training for Teachers, Mentors and Parents

Join us at Riverside for Seventh Generation Education, a 2-day permaculture training for teachers, mentors and parents run by the Institute of Permaculture Education for Children (IPEC) and Jen Mendez of PERMIE KIDs.  

If you're a parent, teacher, or mentor of a child ranging in age from early childhood to high school, you won't want to miss this professional and personal development opportunity. We'll explore how education reform intersects with the environmental & social movement through learning about permaculture ethics, principles and methods as they relate to traditional and alternative education environments, community organization, curriculum and teaching design.

This two-day training is hands-on and experiential, modeling diverse teaching techniques. Games, movement and observation will be used to explore the topic of designing regenerative educational systems through the following tools:

  • Application of the Permaculture Framework to Teaching, Classroom and Curriculum Design
  • Zone Zero: The Center of the Educational Initiative
  • Nature Skills, Crafts & Activities
  • Forest & Garden-Based Learning and Storytelling
  • Childhood Passions and Community as Tools for Learning

The learning process and practices utilized in this two-day training are interactive, customized, mentorship model of learning. No matter how much background in permaculture and/or teaching you bring to this course, your knowledge and skills will deepen.

In this training, you will explore skills, processes and practices that can be applied in a multi-faceted way to your place, community and unique work as an educator. You will learn to integrate the framework of permaculture into your home, classroom, school, community, curriculum and educational designs based on the ethos: I am curious to learn about how our relationship with nature’s patterns weaves people and places together to nourish life.

The $250 registration fee includes the two-day course, materials and breakfast and lunch on both days. A $100 deposit is required for registration, refundable until May 1, 2017.


Matt Bibeau (MSEd) is the CEO of IPEC and is a graduate of Portland State University’s Leadership in Ecology, Culture & Learning Program. Matt has developed and implemented school gardens and garden-based education in Portland’s public schools, plus three urban farms: Jean’s Farm, Learning Gardens Laboratory, and Tryon Life Community Farm. Trained in permaculture design by Toby Hemenway (2006) and in permaculture teaching by Tom Ward and Jude Hobbs (2008), Matt has served on the board of the Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust.

Jen Mendez (M.Ed.) is the founder of PERMIE KIDs, a Community Supported Education (CSE) network of nature and community-oriented families, educators, artists and designers.  Jen received her Masters in International Education, with a focus on inquiry-based learning in 2008 and has taught as a traditional classroom teacher in public, private and international schools, as well as alternative education settings. Jen is now a homeschooling mother. She also serves on the board of directors for the Institute of Permaculture Education for Children (IPEC) and has a certification in Permaculture Design. Jen specializes in helping people of all ages use what is uniquely present in their place to create resilient and regenerative “learning landscapes.”